Anthony Gallegos and well-known KindaFunny creeper Greg Miller.

Anthony Gallegos is the sensitive, "relatable" member of the podcast. He usually spends his time on the podcast doing his signature cackle or trying to steer the group away from more incriminating or offensive material, usually unsuccesfully. He has also appeared on other podcasts such as GFW Radio, 1Up Yours, IGN's Command Prompt, and Rebel FM.  He wrote for Gamespy and Ziff Davis. He used write on the PC team at IGN. He also hosts Rebel FM and  co-hosts Command Prompt.

Known ForEdit

Anthony has no official catchphrases, but is known for his Dracula-like laugh and frequent outbursts of "JESUS!" when a joke or bit goes too far. He once sent Natalie Portman a mixtape when he was young.

He's also the podcast's resident mexican, and often accepts mexican jokes willingly.

His best-known story is from episode 2, when he describes meeting up with a guy who had smoked tons of PcP and was screaming "SAAAMURAI" over and over again after a woman had run him over.

Anthony was once one of the non-drinkers and vegetarians on the show. He is no longer either of those.  Now, Ryan Scott is the only non-drinker. 

He also has a sex tape where you can see his 1 inch penis.

I'm not so sure about that ^^

Anthony was recently laid off from his previous job at Zombie Studios, where he contributed to Video games such as Blacklight Retribution and Daylight.

In episode 250 of The Comedy Button, Anthony announced his departure from the show.


In addition to his skill at backfarting, he posseses an encyclopedic knowledge of Star Wars. This knowledge comes from him reading/listening to almost every if not all of the Extended Universe. Because of this, he has appeared on the show "Up At Noon " as IGN's resident Jedi. Aside from this pussy-repelling skill, he is a talented musician. He made the $75 Kickstarter-exclusive CD for Natalie Portman Mixtape.



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