Julien "Max" Scoville is widely regarded as the member with the most teeth in the podcast. He has also been on the Destructoid Podcast and the DToid Show. He previously wrote for Destructoid and worked for Rev3 Games.  He co-hosted the DToid Show live every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

Max now works at IGN, hosting Up at Noon and Podcast Beyond.

Known ForEdit

Max is known for his long drawn out stories about random topics. His catchphrases include "I'm handsome", "How's it going?", and "I have a story". The last one spawned the catchphrase "I have a raccoon fact", although his current catchphrase (as of Episode 100) is "Pegasus Away!" in a british accent.  The voice was first featured on advertisements for Tweaked Audio Headphones, and then after fan requests, he said it more often.

One of Max's most popular stories involve when he was in high school.  During that time he was bullied by a fellow student named Alonzo, who, according to Max and the other students, "looked like a Dinosaur."  One day during special ed math class, the two of them were forced to sit next to one another, and Alonzo took this as an opportunity to act and smacks Max across the face.  Max then stood up and dorkily shouted "Self-Defense" before punching Alonzo in the face, giving him a bloody nose.  The teacher (who, according to Max, was extremely incompetent) then sent the both of them separate ways to the principal's office with two different TAs.  On the way to the office, Alonzo catches up with Max and beats him up.  The ending result of their fight was that Alonzo was suspended for two school weeks and Max recieved respect from all of the mexicans in the back of the room.

Max displays a few signs of Asperger's Syndrome , giving him the name Maxbergers.



Max and his half raccoon

Max has a fascination with raccoons, hawaiian shirts, weapons, and Mountain Dew. He even owns a book about raccoon facts sent to him by one of his fans. For his 26th birthday, the group bought him a taxidermied half raccoon wearing a hawaiian shirt holding a can of Mountain Dew.